What can Lex do for you


Extreme work pressure impacting your organisation’s productivity? Need to replace a colleague who is temporarily absent? Or is there a project that calls for skills and experience you don’t normally have or need? Lex has the answer: the interim corporate legal counsel. The interim corporate legal counsel works 2 to 5 days per week in-house. At precisely those moments you really need him. Lex represents a network of highly experienced interim lawyers who can quickly fill your need for extra capacity.

In-house lawyer

No full-time corporate lawyer, but still the need for continuous legal support? Lex has the solution: the in-house lawyer. The in-house lawyer works 1 to 4 half-days per week at your site. This ensures that there is continuity in your corporate legal affairs. Plus-point is that the in-house Lawyer knows your company well, and can advise you pro-actively.

Attorney at Law

Incidental need for legal support? Dispute with an employee or supplier? Or do you need support in preparing a contract? Lex offers expertise in advising and conducting litigation in the field of corporate law, contracts, labour law, financing and collateral, real estate and IT.